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Walking in a Tinder Wonderland, Las Vegas, NV

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One of the best parts of my job is that I get to travel all over the U.S. I fly to Las Vegas at least a few times a year spending hours on trade show floors and meeting with journalists.

This time I traveled with The Love Jump in mind. Goal #1: secure at least a dozen media meetings for my client’s new app launch. Goal #2 secure at least one date before I returned home to Reno.

After a long and quite successful work day, I headed to the swanky hotel bar, downed the cliche blood orange cosmopolitan and pulled up Tinder. If you haven’t checked out Tinder yet, it’s kind of known as a “hookup” app. But I’m not a “hookup” kind of girl; I was looking to get swept off my feet.


Typically, in the dusty dating desert that is Reno, Tinder is like taking a walk in your neighborhood supermarket— you run into everyone you know. Awkward! But in Las Vegas the Tinder pool has options.

After my phone started blowing up with messages and matches, I narrowed my night down to a final few.

Tinderoni #1 The Massage Therapist

He had beautiful blue eyes, a nice smile and a little salt & pepper scruff- love!
He wanted to meet up but unfortunately this massage therapist wouldn’t “have a car until Friday.” (hmmmmm??)
His solution? “Meet in the middle.” Which meant me hopping a cab to the Palace Station Casino for penny keno.
Um… no thanks! Dude— I’m staying at the Cosmopolitan! Then he suggested I go to his house to share a glass of wine while he cooks for me. Really?! Your house? So you can chop me up and throw me in your Vitamix?! Maybe next time.

Tinderoni #2 The Talker 

This guy was a little older than me, 13 years to be exact. And he was quite the gentleman saying things like, “ That smile, and the brown jewels you call eyes gave me a pick me up.” After a bit of small talk, I suggested he call me so we could grab a drink. After a very long and quite dry conversation I realized this man was sizing me up. He had been on Tinder a time or two before and wanted to make sure I wasn’t some crazy chick. I get it. But come on guy! I’m not trying to marry you and have all your babies. I just want to hang out. Next!

Tinderoni #3 The Artist

The Artist wasn’t my “type” in photos. But The Love Jump is not about a type, it’s about being open. Plus, I was intrigued by his bio. He was a creative, cultured type that was open to new experiences. So when he invited me out for a drink I was all in.

I wore my favorite little black dress from Free People, flirty, feminine and fits like a charm. Of course I donned my signature red heart necklace to match my cherry red lips. We met up at The Chandelier, it’s GORGEOUS and screamed The Love Jump!

Initially, we had a few basic things in common including our East coast and island heritage, jobs in local news and a love of travel. Two and a half hours later we were sitting a little closer, holding hands. And his hands.. I don’t know what it was with me and his hands but I loved them. Big, black, rough, hard- working man hands. Yes!

He softly ran his hand back and forth and along side my arms. Then, in the sweetest way he slid his hand toward the small of my back. In that moment I was reminded:

I had become much too familiar with not having a man’s hand rest on the small of my back.

Dare to Fall,


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