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The Love Jump Takes Chi-Town Part 1

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Love is In The Air 

My flight from Vegas to Chicago reminded me again (to quote my favorite movie) love actually is all around.

I met yet another couple willing to share their love story with me. Susan and Tim met on a blind date 40 years ago, and after dating only a few months they tied the knot.

Susan was 30 at the time and deemed an old maid, as all of her friends had already been married, some with children. But Susan and her friends were having fun being single and she knew love would happen for her one day. So she waited patiently for her handsome husband and 3 children.

A Christian woman, Susan encouraged me with scriptures and experiences of her own. She was sure love was making its way toward me and said she would be praying.

No Charge Chauncey 

The couple and I shared an airport shuttle bus. Susan noticed our driver Chauncey was quickly smitten. So much so, he took the long route, giving us a tour of the city complete with a pre-Independence day fire works show over looking Lake Michigan.

Chauncey, doing his “research” passively remarked about my “boyfriend.”

“Is that your way of asking me if I’m single?” I said, calling him out on his game.

He laughed. Adding he preferred dating women from out of town because their were no good women in Chicago.

Chauncey was a nice enough guy. He wanted to ask me out, but he didn’t.

Instead, he offered a free ride.

Chi-Guy + SNB Syndrome

After some time on Tinder in between my conversation with Chauncey (I’m working on being more present) I successfully secured a date for the evening with a gentleman we’ll call Chi-guy. This was my quickest Tinder text-to-date turnaround on record.

I was staying with a friend of a friend during my Chicago jaunt. Bebe was a sweet Polish stylist whose Italian guy friend was going to meet us for drinks just a few blocks away.

Chi-guy had recently moved to Chicago from St. Louis.

I invited him to meet me at a nearby neighborhood spot, Bijous.

Talk about breaking the ice. The conversation went a little something like…

Bijan not Bijous

When Chi-guy arrived at Bijan, not Bijous, I felt comfortable right away.

He was tall, beaming an artificial smile and smelled like a man.

Oh how I love the smell of a man; less Downy & Gain, more Dolce & Gabbana.

That smell of a man.

I cracked up when he asked, “do your friends know how we met?”

“It hardly matters, this is my first time meeting them,” I replied.

“Consider it a double blind date.”

“But what if they ask how we met?” Chi-guy wanted to be prepared.

“I’ll let you tell that story,” I said laughing.

After a short time, Bebe and her beau took off.

Chi-guy and I stayed a while and he told me about his day job in IT, his ADD and SNB.

I had never met a guy with SNB before.

I noticed it the moment he sat down but didn’t dare mention it.

I mean, how often do you meet a guy with short nail beds?

I didn’t think too much of it until he brought it up.

“I have short nail beds. I mean, no body is perfect and anyone that wants to get with me is going to have to deal with my short nail beds.”

“Wait. What?” I said laughing; pretending I hadn’t noticed how far his cuticles had grown and overtaken his fingernails.

I died.

Is this really happening?

Am I having a late night blind date, discussing short nail beds at Bijan, not Bjious?

Yes. This is happening.

You’ve got to respect a guy who can call out his quirks.

And one who was willing to take selfies with a stranger throughout the city.

Chi-guy and I explored a downtown Chicago sky covered in clouds. I’d hope to walk the night away, but Chi-guy wasn’t up for the all-nighter.

Humidity won this game. The hot summer night sweat got the best of Chi-guy.

After a sweaty walk back to my place, he said, “I’ll call you.”

I thought, “I know what that means.”

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