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Category: chance encounters

I recently returned home from L.A. for work, play and a little love jumpin’ along the way.

Before heading out, I sent out the love vibrations letting friends know The Love Jump was coming to town and Tingle was ready to mingle.

Despite my most earnest effort, no dates were set before my arrival so I thought, “Tinder it is!” We all know what happened the last time I met a guy on Tinder. I was hoping to not have to use the app again any time soon.

After a few days in Tinsletown, I felt my pre-love-jump self rising, picking apart guys I met while out with friends, cowering at soul night in Hollywood, safely ignoring the guy standing next to me at the bar.

Why do we do this? Why do we self sabotage?

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In Vegas, anything can happen and the scene was set: a pair of extra large twins (6’5 to be exact) sat at the bar becoming bookends to their tattooed little person friend nudged in between.

My friend and I washed down our burgers with Baileys mixed with Oreos and Tiramisu milkshakes. I had just briefed her on the #lovejump and my attempt to let love find me, so she was primed for the wing-woman seat.

Since rule number 1 of the #lovejump is being open to guys I normally wouldn’t date or typically find attractive, I began to scan the room for potential mates— not leaving anyone out.

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