Hello There,

Allow me to tell you a story

This is the Beginning of Forever

I have never been in love. Never. Nope. Zero. Whatsoever. At All.

Sometimes we think if we just sit around waiting, a guy will come knocking on our door. But, I’ve learned that it doesn’t happen that way.

The Love Jump is my decision to let it all go, take action and let love find me!

It starts with a positive perspective towards romance and relationships, reflecting the love I want in how I look, act, speak and treat people.

Of course there will be dating, lots of dating.

I hope to candidly share what will be many first dates, lessons learned and a really good time. I'm excited to laugh with you (as you laugh at me), inspire and encourage you and ultimately experience what i’ve been waiting on for the past 31.5 (and counting) years. Love.

My Story


Thank you for visiting my site!

I am a hopeFULL romantic who spends my days daydreaming about Parisian proposals and sipping champagne cocktails under crystal chandeliers. Exceptionally girly and over the top? Yup, that’s me.


aboutMost simply, I’m just a girl who wants to be in love and I’m not ashamed to admit it. 

I am a storyteller at heart with a passion for the usual suspects: good food, travel and a healthy dose of hard work. My days are a toss up between PR + Digital strategy and volunteer ministry. Nights are soon to be filled with dates, relationships and all things swoon-worthy when it comes to falling in love.

I am full of faith, joy and a sincere belief that we can all have what we want in life if we are willing to jump in.

Right now, for me, that is the love of my life.


Why now? Why this way? Well, there are a few reasons:

1. I’m ready.

2. I’ve never been a girlfriend. No boyfriends, no long-term (or short-term for that matter) relationships.

3. Because it’s okay. It’s okay to want this and believe in the fairy tale. It’s okay to  jump!

This love adventure is special because it requires complete vulnerability. In my eyes, love is the ultimate risk. So if I want to be good at being in love, I better get good at getting naked, right?

“Naked” on The Love Jump means sharing openly and honestly what I hope to be many first dates, lessons learned and a really good time. I hope to laugh with you (as you laugh at me), get great relationship advice and experience what i’ve been waiting on for the past 31.5 (and counting) years.

If you’ve gotten this far, I want to thank you. Thank you for jumping in with me and for encouraging others to do the same!



People I Love

People I Love


People I Love.

In just a few short months, I have met incredible people who have inspired, encouraged and supported me with their love. Below are a few worth following.

Jessi, because she’s beautiful.

Rob, because he’s honest.

Ali, because she’s a force.

Steve, because he’s willing.

Mara, because she’s brave.

Mastin, because he’s a lover.



Yay! Thanks for the love!

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